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02.12.05 | 4 Comments

Allow me to direct your attention to today’s Word of the Day, nefarious. Back in my wig-wearing days, which were also my chemo days, an overzealous TSA trainee at the Dallas Love Field airport decided to use this chosen word to describe a woman who looked exactly like this:

Me in one of my wigs

She looked at my ticket, at my ID, at me, then turned to her supervisor and asseverated, “Yep… pretty nefarious.” Then to me, complete with suspicious and judgmental eye contact: “Step over here, ma’am, you have been selected for additional screening.”

Granted, these were also the days when I was purchasing several one-way tickets to and from San Antonio so I could spend some time with my husband and shop for, then close on, our house. And the girl was in training, surely trying to show her supervisor her new, highly sensitive, radar-like skills. So I understand being extra cautious. Every time I flew during those days, I was selected for extra security screening, which I do not mind at all. But nefarious? While I am impressed that she knew the word, wasn’t there some more tactful way to point out that I may have been in disguise? While I’m here, I also want to give a shoutout to the lady who paid extra special attention to my PICC line, staring from it to me, it to me, until I explained what it was and took off my homemade ace bandage cuff so she could see it, freaking out the other passengers. Bitterness aside, once she understood what it was for, she was most sympathetic.

They were just doing their jobs. Or perhaps they saw something no one else has been so keen to see… MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…
Nefarious me


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