Neurotic dog

06.22.05 | Comment?

It’s always about Chief. Well, that’s not entirely true. Sometimes it’s about his ball. But then that’s really about him again, isn’t it.

The thing is I can’t go outside without him. And I can’t bask in the sun and read without him dropping his slobbery ball on me to throw. Repeatedly. Then dancing and panting if I don’t. So I put him inside, and he tells the saddest story ever told with yelps and whines, much like he did the other day while we were doing yard work. And it has to be in the house, because when he’s in the back yard, not even the mower can drown out the barking. He’s usually quiet and never growls, not even during play, but if he wants to be around us, he is quite vocal. (Mowing the back yard is hilarious, though – he challenges the mower and bounces backward in front of it.)

An aside. Thanks to my least favorite family in the neighborhood, he can’t just hang out in the front with us and play with kids who happen by, 99% of whom LOVE him. Other than the obvious – that they’re generally unpleasant and hostile – I’m trying to figure out why they’re the only people I would actually wish ill given the chance. Maybe it’s because they have a whole litter of kids, while I wonder if I’ll ever have one; you know, jealousy. That would mean, though, that I wouldn’t like this other family down the street, and I love them – sweet people with precious kids. I’m very in tune with my reasons for things, and I believe it’s just that they’re not nice people. Regroup, take a sip of water. Continue.

We took him to the beach almost every weekend in California. He goes to the dog park. We play fetch several times a day. What I mean is that this is not a neglected animal; if anything, he’s accustomed to a little too much attention (totally my fault) and acts out when we’re not tuned in to the Chief Show.

But I love him. As I write, he naps and snores his little (big) dog snore, and I’m sure we’ll play even more later. Since we took our gallery down temporarily (after an unauthorized attempt at our server – thanks, guy), you may be without pictures of Chief. For now, these will have to do.

One of the reasons I was reading in the sun today is because I can. My surgery was a year ago today (click here to see my scar), and I spent the rest of last summer avoiding the sun and unable to get in the pool. Take that, cancer! (Yes, I am aware that UV rays can cause skin cancer and premature aging. It’s the principle of the thing.) Also, we have begun the countdown to our Florida trip to visit Joel’s aunt and uncle, and getting a tan is more fun than losing five pounds.

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