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07.12.05 | Comment?

Joel & Blake in Naples, FL

Florida was a blast. Joel’s aunt and uncle really showed us a great time. We went sailing on their boat in the Gulf, relaxed on beautiful beaches and in their pool, saw some spectacular fireworks off the pier, and celebrated our anniversary at a fabulous restaurant called Roy’s*. All in all we enjoyed real quality time with very fun people. I have added Florida to the list of possible future residences.

We came home, spent the night, did laundry and left the next day for more family visiting in Dallas. It turned out to be appropriate; my Granddad is planning his reunion with my Mammaw, expedited in part by aggressive lung cancer. He has been through so much already, and my hope is for no pain. The whole thing has me thinking more than usual (which is plenty) about the human condition. More on that to come, I’m sure. For now he is stable, and hospice has left.

We did get a chance to play golf with my parents, which is something we have been wanting to do for quite a while. Joel’s family took us to Benihana to celebrate our anniversary, and everyone was able to go, a rare and pleasant occasion for a group including busy girls in high school. Chief accompanied us to Dallas; he spent the majority of five days wet due to frequent dips in the pool, a practice graciously tolerated by our hosts. Again, quality time with fun people whom I’m glad to call my family.

The cats survived but will not let us out of their sight, and the lawn clings to life. Ah, home. And we still have a week to do whatever we want until Joel goes back to work. It’s good to have a place to which you like returning.

*Roy’s is possibly most famous for their Misoyaki Butterfish, Pacific black cod marinated forever and cooked to perfection, served atop some spectacular lemon ginger sauce. Joel ordered it. We are now able to combine our two most recent obsessions, Lord of the Rings and butterfish, in a little ditty originally performed by Smeagol.

Just one wish/The butterfish/So juicy SWEEEEET!

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