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A quarter-century old

09.05.05 | 5 Comments

Friday was a great birthday spent relaxing at home and then out to Johnny Carino’s for dinner. Friends and family called to sing to me, my sister sent some very lovely flowers, and I basically got to do whatever I wanted. Perhaps Most certainly my favorite part of turning twenty five was that I was not bald and in the hospital receiving chemo, which is not to say that it was a bad birthday. After all, I had my family there, plenty of cards and phone calls from well wishers, a cake, balloons, and I was even allowed to leave for a nice dinner at Luna de Noche. All the elements of a fun twenty fourth birthday were there.

I even had presents, one of which was extra special and from my doctor. He had ordered me my very own transvaginal ultrasound.

The best part is that when the guy came to get me for it, he brought a wheelchair and was carrying brownies. Self centered as I was, especially being the birthday girl, I thought, Oh boy, maybe I’ll get one of those brownies. Transvaginal ultrasound! What a good joke. He’s taking me somewhere though. Maybe it’s a birthday party! I had friends visiting me in the room; they looked confused. Good poker faces, ladies, I never suspected a thing, I thought. How clever. The guy transporting me asked if I could hold his brownies for him. No problem, I said, thinking he must be kidding around, for these must be my brownies. It’s my birthday.

Shortly we arrived at an actual radiology room. He collected what I then understood were actually his brownies and said I would be next, in just a few minutes, and he trotted down the hall.

I guess having a procedure to show that my tumor isn’t back is kind of a birthday present. KIND OF.

Enough of my year-ago woes. Even the worst of my bad times are nothing compared to what the people in the Gulf coast area are experiencing. I’m happy and healthy now, and while material possessions aren’t everything, they sure make life more comfortable. Seeing loss and pain like that brings the same intense, heart breaking sadness and empathy mixed with gratitude every time I realize how fortunate I am.

It certainly makes my physics and chemistry problems look more appealing. While I don’t have time right now to write my Ode to Downtown Campus, I will say that I do prefer it, and that I have been informed of a much better route to the 1604 campus. I plan to start utilizing the VIA bus, which I should have been doing all along. I am also in the process of trying to get a different biology class – it is at a better time and place, I understand and even learn from the instructor, and the class is smaller. I had to get signatures since it’s after the add date, but I only need one more from an advisor. The school front will be fantastic if that happens. If not, I’ll deal, but I make no promises about my biology grade.


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