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Germs and pets go hand in hand.

10.07.05 | Comment?

The 0500 workouts are going very well. I’m enjoying them and they’re working. They have even helped me cope with the following sources of irritation:

1. Waiting three weeks for an exam grade. We are told that the whole class did poorly, which means approximately 120 students have spiraled into hyper anxiety and ask incessantly when the grades will be ready. While I would like to know mine so I might study more efficiently for the next one, these people need to calm the hell down. Our professor has had some personal problems and has been absent (one of the reasons the whole class did poorly, I believe), and we should be patient. (In other exam news, I rule. But grades are not important. Unless you set the curve. Then, yes.)

2. The poor hygiene of my classmates. Now that I am using common restrooms more often, I have noticed first hand how handwashing has fallen by the wayside. A good number of people bypass the sink entirely, and when they don’t, using soap is rare. This is even true in the chemistry lab. I might say it’s their own problem, but it isn’t; I’ll most certainly use a door handle or computer keyboard or stair rail after these people. Seeing this has decreased my nail biting. Heightening my annoyance is that I am reading The Secret Life of Germs by Philip Tierno (and thoroughly enjoying it, by the way), a book Joel picked out for me at Half Price Books. I’m not one of those OCD handwashers, but all of us should practice basic hygiene. That said, one might understand why the next irritation takes more to cope.

3. Chief supplementing his diet with kitty litter, especially when he brings the crunchy goodness to my freshly vacuumed floor. Right after Sophie joined us last November, this problem arose. Joel fashioned a very creative solution out of a cardboard box with a maze-like entrance for Sophie that kept out the munching mongrel. Kiddn’s arrival in December meant another litter box, in a different location since the cats were not yet friends. Chief seemed not to be attracted to her litter, and a special box was not necessary. Now that he is on a diet, however, I suppose it is appealing to him. He has also been frequenting the trash cans.

Let me preface this next bit by saying that I think Chief is at a good weight for his size. He is active and has good muscle tone and a waist. The vet disagrees with me and has asked me to feed him even less. (He is closer to my ideal weight than to his…) Because I value her professional opinion and I love Chief, I am complying, even though it breaks my heart to watch him drool. He also has a deep bacterial infection (not contagious to humans or cats) and is on an intense regimen of antibiotics, antihistamines, and vitamins for a total of six to eight weeks. Apparently it started as an allergy and went south. He’s doing better and itching less. I suppose all this means he shouldn’t lick the empty peanut butter jar before it goes in the recycling bin, but we all need our legumes.

My entertainment news is that we had dinner with a friend who lives in a far away place this week; it was great to see her. I’d like to give a shoutout to my sweet sister and hope her weekend compensates for her crappy week. Now for the weather: it has gotten cold (58°F) in the past twenty four hours, and I am happy. I have broken out the sweaters and thick socks. I anxiously await precipitation.

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