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12.30.05 | 2 Comments

Family, I love you. Thank you for a great time in Garland. Friends I didn’t see, I’m sorry – it was a quick trip.
Sudoku, I both love and hate you. Brain, wake up.
Acne, leave me. You’ve had your fun for fifteen years. For cryin’ out loud, I’m twenty five years old. Same to you, wrinkles in my forehead. We’re not ready for you yet.
Hair, grow faster. Please. Nails, you too, and fight off Blake’s teeth and other nails from making you ugly.
Nick and Jessica, work it out. My world makes less sense now.
Preset radio stations, stop playing stupid songs. Only play good ones. In that vein: Blake, get off your ass and put some songs on your new computer and play them instead of the radio.
Body, buck up. And quit telling Blake she wants sweets, because she doesn’t, you vile, treacherous casing.

I… need to start school or work or something. I’m enjoying my break, except I’m not entirely sure what to do with my time. Clean the house, yes; organize the papers that litter my desk, yes; prepare for what undoubtedly will be the most hectic semester of my life, yes. But how. I’m crossing my fingers that I get this job for which I interviewed last week. Rest is important, and I know that, but there’s such a fine line between rest and sloth. The break means that the gym has been closed early in the morning, and Joel has been making us run and do sprints on the track. My body is organizing a serious revolt. It misses the familiar ease of weights and the elliptical machine. Soon enough normalcy will return. OH! I just remembered that it’s Friday and that means I can sleep tomorrow and God help the pets if they wake me.


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