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New semester begins tomorrow

01.16.06 | 1 Comment

My final morning of freedom to sleep was woefully interrupted at 0630 by a Kiddn sharpening her claws loudly on the mattress, and again at 0730 by a ralphing Chief. The stench was indescribable. As a homeowner I was compelled to take responsibility for the carpet right then and there. At the early hour, the steam cleaner was not an option. My backup stain removal remedy, once all vammit* has been removed and completely blotted, includes a mixture of steaming hot water, vinegar, and Resolve steam cleaning solution.

The likely cause of the problem is that Chief, in his usual fashion, recently raided the trash, to include several cotton balls and sundries. Apparently he’s a bit clogged. Joel’s take: “Jump down, turn around, bowel full of cotton…” In retrospect giving Chief even a small spoon of leftover chili cheese sauce last night was probably a bad idea.

I’m mostly ready for school tomorrow… mostly. I have one of the eight or so books that I need, and one is on the way. The rest will be found, hopefully, at the bookstore tomorrow. This was poor planning on my part. I also need to rearrange some labs if possible. Other items on this week’s calendar include work at my job, finding out my most recent blood results, and a checkup with the oncologist Friday morning.

I’ll miss you, winter break.

*Humorous word courtesy of Morgan, Amanda’s roommate

1 Comment

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