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Nuts to you, week.

01.27.06 | 2 Comments

It’s the freakin’ weekend, and I couldn’t be more glad.

Yesterday I got a good parking spot when I arrived at school, and that was the silver lining of the cloud that was rest of my day. The low point was getting lost on the way to a meeting, consulting a map, and still being unable to find the damn building. I am borderline retarded when it comes to anything direction-related. I have navigated, on foot, through Salamanca, Spain, but the UTSA campus – can’t do it. Oh and then I got lost trying to go home when, after an hour, I abandoned hope of getting to my meeting.

This morning, my sweet sweet husband made breakfast and brought it to me in bed. It was downhill from there, blanking on a quiz I studied for till midnight, getting lost on the way to the other campus (but being saved by my parents over the phone – thanks yous guys :)), then humiliating myself at teachbacks for work training because I was flustered all day. Oh and I’m socially inept.

I continue to draw a direct correlation between exercise and my ability to cope with stress and life in general. I missed two days this week, and apparently that is unacceptable. I’m distracted, living on the surface, and quite grumpy. I need downtime and exercise.

Hopefully I can fix it and focus. Last weekend was devoted to work training, as will be next weekend, so this weekend is mine. The rule is: if it cannot be done on a cushy surface, or at least pajamas, it will not be done.


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