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Seventeen-hour Monday

02.07.06 | 2 Comments

Last night’s Texas Hold ‘Em tournament went well. We had about 150 people there, and they seemed to have a good time. We certainly passed out plenty of condoms. Hopefully we educated some people about their use and reasons for it. Not bad for an event planned on little time and experience (mine).

Shopping for the night’s prizes was a blast, though I had to do some rationalizing about shopping at Wal-Mart. It was for work, and I personally did not purchase anything. I guess I’m not principled enough to make an issue of it in that setting. Eh. Anyway, among having to arrive two hours early for class because parking is insane so I might as well get in a workout, class at two campuses, shopping, and preparations for the night’s event, it was a very long day.

My one day of weekend went by quickly. I like the movie Crash. Thursday AND Sunday were both days of total devastation. Thursday, we found that the cable box was mysteriously OFF when we tried to watch our shows, a.k.a. my lifeblood, and Sunday the expletive Super Bowl delayed the airing of a particularly tense Grey’s Anatomy, and TiVo only caught the first thirty minutes. I will never forgive the cable box, and I can’t decide whether to put TiVo on notice or ABC or football or all three. Better go with all three.

So I’m at school again, posting when I should be doing work. I get stuff done, though. The classroom where I have three classes has a broken door; it opens from the outside but not from the inside. It has been broken for several weeks now, but today it annoyed me enough that I found out the Building Facilities number, reported the door, and it will be fixed. Yeah. I just pictured all the other annoyed students carrying me on their shoulders victoriously.

I’ll be doing my labs and studying for my physics tests in between asking myself what I was thinking when I scheduled this kind of semester.


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