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Cake-makin’ fool

02.27.06 | 2 Comments

Note Chief’s face. I apologize for mine – this was one of three pictures I allowed taken of me, and I wholly regret it. It’s the only one with my girl, though.

We had a baby shower for our friends on Saturday, and it went very well. We made it a family affair, rather than just the girls; the menfolk tolerated a few games, bribed with grilled meats tended by Joel the Grill Master. We rather enjoy entertaining in our home, and I think we should do it again. I had fun making the cake Vicdaly requested – she had a lemon craving. Her adorable little girl will be here before we know it!

It was an odd juxtaposition of events. Right before the shower was to begin, we found out that our neighbor’s two month old son died that morning. He was born with a heart defect but had been doing well. He just stopped breathing while he was taking a bottle. And here we were, celebrating a completely uncomplicated (though quite large) second pregnancy and impending birth. Sometimes the strangeness of life hits me right in the face and I have to stop for a second.

Wow, I feel like Debbie Downer (wohm woooohmp). But really. Who knows why these things happen? It’s terrible. One of his sisters spent the day with us since there were other kids around to play with, and she helped serve punch, along with the unhappy news of her family’s loss. (In my best Jon Stewart voice: AWKWARD!) From the mouths of babes, right. People were understanding. I hope for the family that time and their love for each other will lessen their pain.

So… two more weeks until spring break. Mmmhmm.


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