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Top o’ the afternoon

03.17.06 | 2 Comments

A very happy Saint Patrick’s Day it is. I had me a wee bit o’ fun with the camera and some green eye makeup today.

What on Earth did I used to do with my time? It’s the last official day of Spring Break, and though I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I have accomplished little.

I did get those pesky wisdom teeth removed. It was a breeze – even easier than the first time. I got them taken out in twos because the first time (about five years ago), one was impacted and sort of an emergency, and it seemed the thing to do at the time. My roommate was a real sweetheart – she was willing to be my ride, waited at the dentist, then carried me from the car, down the hall, and put me in bed. Later, Amanda tried to feed me Malt-o-Meal. Then she drove my loopy self to Dallas for my cousin’s wedding. Thank you both, ladies. 🙂 The family picture from that weekend has a jacked up Blake in it. Pictures from this time around – for the less squeamish – are available below. I have been experimenting with soft foods of varying temperatures, with a mild preference for cold, sweet items. Also known as my chance to lose five pounds via a liquid diet has not been taken seriously.

I have absolutely no memory of this picture being taken. Thank you, Joel, for taking care of me.


For sitting through those two pictures, here’s some evidence that I have recovered:

Make no fun of my nostrils, please. And I made it green tinted on purpose.


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