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One down!

04.18.06 | Comment?

I just took my 40-question genetics test in a record 11 minutes. When you know it, you know it, and when you don’t, bubble something rational and keep going. This gives me more time to study for the upcoming organic test. At the moment I am wholly unprepared, but I am about to burrow into the library for the afternoon.

Over the weekend our friends introduced us to geocaching, and it was quite fun. We went to four locations in the Boerne/Fredericksburg area. It’s a neat hobby, and I look forward to going to more places we wouldn’t otherwise go. Joel and I suspect we may have been adopted by this family; they’re good people. We’ll have to come up with something exciting to do at our house to reciprocate. It makes sense for us to drive an hour to the country, but we need a stronger pull to bring them an hour to a cookie-cutter neighborhood.

After my test tomorrow night, Joel and I have an appointment to go shopping for the new puppy. Yes, the new puppy. We have welcomed a new addition to the clan. He is one of the puppies I mentioned awhile ago, from said above family, though I did no convincing whatsoever. In fact, it was Joel’s idea, and I’m still in shock but happy. I’ll post pictures when he has a proper name; we’re indesicive.

He is an adorable, eight-week-old black lab and we love him. How do we know? We have already compromised our principles for him. Much to our horror, even the HEB was closed on Sunday, which in my opinion is ridiculous, but whatever. He needed puppy food, so we were forced to go to Wal*Mart (shudder), though in some small way we really ought to reward the businesses that serve their customers, even if said business, had it a soul, would have sold it to the devil at cost.

Hopefully the new dog and Chief can keep each other company. Their future together will look much brighter once Black Puppy stops trying to suckle at/bite Chief’s “teat.” Sophie is unimpressed but open to his presence. So far the potty training is going well. There’s much to be said for Chief – he may be completely neurotic, but he’s sweet-natured, good with kids, and hasn’t had an accident in over two years. Black Puppy can learn a lot from him.

What is a girl to do about this mugginess? Not cool, Texas, not cool. Sweating outside, come inside to frigidness… The nights have been nice, though, which is good for taking dogs out every thirty minutes. This computer lab is a rare and comfortable climate right now, and I’m hesitant to leave so I’m stalling. Back to it.

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