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It’s FRIday!

04.21.06 | 2 Comments

Fridays that I don’t work are perhaps my favorite days. I love physics (NERD ALERT!), and lecture and lab are the only classes I have, and when I don’t work, I come home and do nothing of significance. It’s fantastic. I’m planning to clean my closet this afternoon. The dogs and I have been playing outside for brief periods of time, as it is sunny and hot but beautiful. Little finches are on our bird feeder, and we got a major storm (complete with lightning, thunder, and power outages) last night, so everything’s all springy green. It’s very zipadee doo da today.

So my organic chemistry test… did not go well. The final exam is worth 50%, so if I figure out how I can learn this stuff between now and then, I might be able to improve my grade. Here’s hoping. Bah – that’s not Friday talk!

THIS is Friday talk: our new puppy. Chief is happier than ever to have a playmate. He’s just precious. SEE?!

This puppy needs a name, y’all! Ideas? I’ll mail a batch of cookies (flavor of choice) to anyone who comes up with the name we choose. We’ve had plenty of ideas, but nothing fits yet.

We’re a week into using the Sonicare toothbrush, which has a two-minute timer. Joel pointed out that the device, though it will surely result in cleaner teeth and optimal dental health, requires quite a lot of brushing. Do the math (Sonicare or not – if you’re following the dentist’s recommendations): 2 minutes twice a day means a full 24-hour day and 36 minutes of brushing per year. Add the two days a year (and sometimes more, with the “Oh you’ll have to come back for a cleaning” business – what’s that about?) for dentist visits, and we’re spending a lot on our teeth. It’s worth it, though. A healthy mouth is a happy mouth.

Joel just walked in and apparently is in the same frame of mind. Instead of honey, I’m home, I just got “It’s the freakin’ weekend!”


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