After yet another long absence…

06.24.06 | 2 Comments

I’m still doing the human equivalent of dog-paddling. Monday I will take an exam in both classes, which probably means I should have studied today. These are rough weeks though, and I needed a day to recoup. Starting Sunday night, there will be a strict 9:30 bedtime (with the exception of Wednesday since I work until 10). One simply cannot keep this schedule and stay healthy.

Despite the pace and difficulty of material, I’m doing well in biochem. Organic – we’ll see on Monday. I’m coming to grips with the fact that this detail in science is not my forte, but I appreciate what it means for our world that some people get it. I just have to get through this part so I can contribute my strengths in the best way possible.

Work… is work. We’re concentrating on orientation for incoming freshmen, and we play an original health Jeopardy! game on Wednesday nights. The game itself is a lot of fun. I still worry that I’m somehow off-putting, a characteristic that does not serve me well in a job where we end up being salespeople of rather unpopular ideas. Plus I am really not a presenter. Sometimes I think we’re making progress; other times it seems like it’s not worth the effort. I look forward to a time when I have a little more control over the information I can share and the manner in which I present it. It’s good practice for life though – we don’t always get what we want, and people might not want to hear what we have to say. The new people we hired are great, and I think their ideas will be good for the organization.

On the home front, I miss Joel. He has been gone a little over a week out of fifteen total weeks. Hopefully we can schedule a trip to see each other soon. Even when my everyday class is over, the dogs make it more difficult. Chief would be fine with neighbors or friends, but the puppy is still a terror.

He did that while I was in the shower – he’s a sneaky bastard – I thought I had a pretty good eye on him. Not to mention that even if someone could tolerate him for a couple of days, when I got back they would be insane. While I’m at class and work on long days, I come home to two feral dogs. When I’m home they’re mostly fine. I still think Chief is happier and less lonely with Sarge around. Nevermind that he’s making me batty. This week’s Best Pet award goes to Sophie, who, by comparison, is a calm little center.

Anyway Joel’s employer has decided to change his job for him, meaning five months of training in Arizona. The whole thing makes no sense – don’t get me started. I await the 20/20 that hindsight will bring, because right now it’s quite the jumbled mess to me. We’ll make it just fine. We got spoiled being together, but we’ve certainly been apart before. I’m not really bothered by it because several really exciting things are happening right now, and we’re happy. I might say more about that later. Meanwhile I’m counting the days.

Finally, I’d like to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to my dear Dad!


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