And the guilt sets in…

07.02.06 | Comment?

So I wrote the dog ad in extreme desperation. Never post angry.

One actual good feature of the dogs is that Sarge keeps Chief’s drool from hitting the floor. While they’re waiting for some crumb to drop, Chief’s shoestring drool can get quite long. It used to make the floor near the table wet and quite gross. No more. Sarge is on meal duty and licks the drool just in time.

The whole thing is my fault anyway. It’s because I never had the discipline to train them. I just got lucky with Chief. I won’t have to worry about him biting our kids, and he’s really fairly obedient. Until he gets out. Then he’s impossible.

The puppy is just a puppy who needs conditioning. Worst dog ever, yes. But with some training, he could be keepable.

Their escapade today was also my fault. The backyard is muddy (rain + holes Sarge dug = pig wallow, also my fault because I have to leave them out for several hours at a time), so I took them out front to potty. Well in an instant they were off – to the greenbelt, over hill and dale, and to the busy street. By the time I caught up with them, they were at the bus stop, I was angry, and they were confused – after all, what dog in his right mind wouldn’t take the chance to run off in the rain?

I didn’t save myself any hassle because when we got back, all three of us were as muddy as if they had just gone out back to pee. So much for my steam cleaning.

I guess the puppy has served his purpose – keeping Chief company – but he has made life a LOT more difficult for me. I can’t wait till he’s neutered – only two more months.

Completely unrelated is that I am bitter to be using what should be a long weekend to write a work manual (that should have been done a long time ago by all members of the group) and studying for a test. By the way, I’m the only person at work taking summer classes. I’m kind of glad though because I’m a little OCD about the training.

Also irritating me is that Joel and I will each spend our third anniversary alone. But I’m going to see him in a couple of weeks, so we’ll have fun then. Anyway I guess I’m glad to have the dogs and cat as companions and protection right now, even if they are huge pains in my ass.

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