A temporary reprieve

07.10.06 | 2 Comments

Biochem is officially OVER and I got an A! That’s 12 more grade points, thankyouverymuch. The Saturday final exam made me miss a friend’s wedding. πŸ™ Congratulations, Lisa and Cyrus! πŸ™‚ But it’s over now, and today after organic I got to leave and run errands instead of sitting through another two hour lecture. It just about elated me. Call me immature, but sitting still through a total of four hours of class in one day is damn near impossible. Well that, and I only understand about 10% of what is said. Don’t let that worry you, my future patients – some people do get it, and they will be designing your wonder drugs and vaccines; I’m perfectly happy to let them do that. (As Peter Sarsgaard’s character, Mark, said in Garden State, “I’m okay with being unimpressive. I sleep better.”)

With biochem out of the way, MCAT studying and med school applying are stepping right up to fill the void. I’m talking about this is my JOB for the next month. Actually I probably should have been studying all along, but I don’t know when that would have happened. Hopefully my paid (ha!) job will be low key for the next month or so – it will have to be.

Another plus to biochem’s termination is that I get to see Joel SOON! We’re celebrating our three year anniversary a week late and I will be able to see what his life is like in Arizona. MAD props to our friend who will be caring for the mongrels in my absence. We’re one-fifth of the way through this separation. πŸ™‚

Finally, as a matter of prevention via the intense shame public exposure can bring, I must confess: I cut my own hair.

I had gotten a perfectly nice haircut merely a week and a half before, but had not been able to style it correctly. (That’s a whole other story, too – my friend wanted to cut her hair on a Saturday and my stylist wasn’t available – it was the only time we could go, so we went anyway, despite my concern that I was cheating on my usual stylist… The girl did a great job – I just couldn’t reproduce the style.)

I don’t know what got into me; maybe because it was July 4th, I was bored, whatever. All I knew is that I was tired of the Carol Brady/ducktail action I had going on, and I stupidly attacked with scissors. I don’t defend my actions, but it wasn’t so bad until I realized after washing it how very uneven it was. It’s hard to cut the back of your own hair. Anyway, I came clean to my usual stylist and I was able to have it fixed this weekend. Though it’s shorter, I like it, and now the potential for growing out more evenly (a.k.a. NOT a mullet) is more likely.


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