07.13.06 | Comment?

I’m happily in Arizona now! Joel picked me up in Tucson last night, took me to dinner at a very tasty Mexican restaurant, and drove us to Sierra Vista where he’s staying. It is so good to see my husband after a month! We drove through Arizona when we came back to Texas from California, but now I’m getting to see more of it – it is gorgeous. Love the mountains. And like, it’s hot, but not unpleasant because it’s dry.

The first leg of my flight to Tucson was San Antonio to Dallas. This, I quickly became aware, was the Day Care Flight. A handful of shrieking children kept the (thankfully) 44-minute flight sleepless and unproductive at once. What I assume was a five-year-old girl (the sister of one of the shriekers) kicked my chair constantly. I had to call my Dad as soon as I got to my next gate because I felt I had been paid back in some way. Dad never got that annoyed with us as youngsters except for when he was driving and we were bouncing around in the back seat and kicked his chair. Boy that really burned him. Now I understand why.

I propose that children five and under (and equally self-centered, obnoxious adults) travel in a climate-controlled, soundproof suit. Sure! Shriek all you want. Talk to your life coach about your new, stressful job on your cell phone. But do it in the suit. It should be a regulation, like wearing the lap belt. It would be something they require for the kids and screen adults for at the security checkpoints. People going through the metal detectors ON THE PHONE would be handed a suit automatically. Then there would be licensed and irritable interviewers available who could identify any iffy ones in under a minute. It’s not totally unreasonable – I mean, people could choose to link their suits to combine their obnoxiousness and enjoy in-flight chatter, just not to the chagrin of the other passengers. It could even be inflatable or contain a parachute in case of emergency.

The last five minutes of the flight I realized that I was seated next to a nice Aggie who will be going to flight school for the Air Force when he graduates in December. That was kind of cool – it’s rare that I run into an Aggie in my line of work/school.

The flight to Tucson was less irritating to the ear and more irritating to the nostrils. My nineteen-year-old fellow passenger had brought his own water bottles (yes, plural) full of rum and drank it in his complimentary Dr. Pepper. We had a nice chat, though… It was like doing research for my job, actually. He said at the end of the flight that I probably kept him from getting as trashed as he otherwise would have since I told him about my job but was nonjudgmental. I’m pretty sure traveling with that much alcohol while underage indicates some kind of problem, and I hope he considers changing his behavior.

Anyway I’m here safely and enjoying myself. Today I’m hanging out in Joel’s room with the goal of studying and working. At least one of those must happen. I really hope the pets are okay and that they don’t think I’ve abandoned them. Chief knew I was leaving. His anxiety may have transferred to Sarge, who was really making some progress lately. I have to remember that they’re dogs and will be fine. Sophie was like, “See ya!” so she’ll be alright. Back to work so I can break later and take a dip in the pool.

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