I have returned.

07.17.06 | Comment?

Ah, what a lovely trip it was. I was not ready nor did I want to return, but duty calls. The dogs were less neurotic than I feared they would be, though they did destroy the entryway rug. (My Dad says I should just shoot the dogs and be done with it. They’re a hassle, yes, but I love them/loathe myself apparently, so they will stay.) I also think my friend may have fed Chief an entire tub (22 pounds) of food despite my written instructions – he looks bloated, like he gained about 10 pounds in five days. It’s back on the diet for Chief. Bless my friend, though – I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to visit my husband for a whole five days. At least they didn’t starve.

I really should have taken more pictures of Arizona itself – it really is beautiful. I kept forgetting to bring the camera on our outings.

Flying is always a pleasure, especially the last leg of my return flight. It inspires a haiku.
Dallas is gorgeous.
Flying over it at night
the lights look like stars.

We’re trying to plan the next rendezvous – perhaps Joel can come home next time, though I’d love to go back. I really like Arizona.

I managed to get some studying done on the plane this time due to self discipline and quiet (bordering on unfriendly, to be honest) passengers. I had an organic chemistry test at 8 this morning, and I actually feel like I might have understood some of the material. Like I’ve said before, I’m just looking to pass, but comprehension would be a real bonus.

This late in the game I’m finally learning a little about how to study for learning – this is all so different from my humanities background. First comes the memorization, then the conceptual stuff. With philosophy there was little, if anything, to memorize. Winging it was easier; I could get by with a vague idea of the concept. Not that the material was easier to understand, and really once I get things I can find all kinds of connections to help me remember. I digress.

I’m on my lunch break and should get back to writing the manual (YAWN). Also, I am willing to pay anyone who will make a fun, grammatically correct, interactive presentation using Power Point to correspond with the manual I am writing. I abhor using Power Point and being someone else’s idea of creative.

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