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10.10.06 | 1 Comment

I had another wonderful trip to Arizona. We are now under the one month mark until Joel comes home! I must say, if he had to be somewhere, that was a nice place for him to be. I certainly enjoy visiting. Unfortunately the med school in Tucson requires its students to be Arizona residents. If I don’t get in somewhere in Texas this year, maybe we can move there and set up shop.

Though I have been able to feel our daughter tumbling around for about a week, I wasn’t aware that her acrobatics could be felt externally. Joel was able to feel her kicks and watch the DVD of her last sonogram; that was cool. I want her to take all the time she needs, but I can hardly wait to meet her. We went swimming on Saturday, which felt really nice to my new and improved thirteen-pound-heavier body. I had forgotten how much I miss the swim team and how natural swimming is. I mean, we all start out in an aqueous environment.

Tweedles dum(b) and dum(b)er mostly behaved themselves at Pawderosa Ranch, and they seemed to have had a good time, so they will be returning while I am away retrieving Joel next month. Apparently Chief became a howler during his stay. The owner said he learned it from a vocal pit bull. I would have expected Sarge to be the whinier of my two; who knew? It hasn’t continued at home, though, so we’re good. I complain and I rage, but I miss those damn animals when we’re apart. Ooo – and I found a home for our neighbor’s mini dachshund. She is safely with her new family in Alaska and bonding well with them.

Right now I’m waiting for lemon bars and cookies to cool. I was trying to think of a way to thank the professors who wrote my letters of recommendation, and we decided on edibles and a gift basket. Officially everything is turned in but my secondary applications for two schools – I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time finishing those. I guess it’s because they ask questions to which I just won’t know the answer until I get into it, and the procrastinator in me is having a field day. Only four more days until MCAT scores are released!

As has happened for about the last month, it rained again on my watering day, thrilling me. Watering the lawn is such a hassle. But when it rains I don’t have to, and it costs me nothing. Now watch – next Tuesday will be dry as a bone, kind of like when I boasted not having a single mosquito bite all summer and two days later was attacked by a swarm. So this is not boasting; it is being extremely appreciative of my weather-related good fortune.

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