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03.21.07 | 1 Comment

We had a busy but fun week. Lisa came to visit for the first part of her spring break, and we had a good time staying in from the thunderstorms and catching up. Zoe was, of course, plenty of entertainment. 😉 Joel’s family came down for the last part of their spring break, and we gardened and prepared the lawn to look presentable as we try to sell the house. It was great to have helping hands! The movers are coming next Monday and Tuesday to pack and take our things to storage in Dallas. After that we can do all the little touch-ups and the thorough cleaning, put the sign in the yard, and hope for prospective buyers to come a-calling. We’ll be living on the bare essentials for the next couple of months, but it isn’t entirely new to us, so we’ll be okay.

Monday night we said goodbye to our friends who are also moving. We had been together in California, and they ended up in San Antonio, too, for the past couple of years. They’re on their way, much like we will be, and it’s a bittersweet sort of thing.

Saturday Zoe and I are going to Atlanta! Her first plane ride – so exciting. Amanda will run her marathon on Sunday, and we must be there to see it. This is an amazing accomplishment and we can’t wait to cheer for her!

I hope that with enough planning, travel with a five-week-old won’t be too stressful (HA!). This planning has again highlighted my obsessive-compulsive side. (As Ali brought to our attention last weekend, Joel and I are really more OCPD than OCD because we are still functional, though I will say that mine tends to make any given day more difficult. From the reading I’ve done about it, she’s scarily dead-on about me for sure; it’s rather unattractive and I hope to change some things.) Anyway I just want not to forget anything really important. I’m her food source, we’ll have diapers, and I suppose everything else is extraneous…

Time’s up! New pictures on Flickr tomorrow, I hope.

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