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More married-people interactions…

07.11.07 | 2 Comments

I made a midnight snack of peanut butter and jelly sammiches so we could do our important after-Zoe-goes-to-bed activities: reading stuff online (Joel) and writing personal statements for medical school application (me). We use the incredibly messy peanut butter that you have to stir (damn the trans fat for being bad and robbing us of the smooth, homogenous goodness of peanut butters past), and the new fruit spread I got is quite tricky. The sammiches were tasty, but a disaster.

Joel: I appreciate that you made me a sandwich, but I need your help.

I look up. He his holding both hands above his MacBook Pro, peanut butter and grape jam globules decorating his shirt and shorts.

Me: Man-child. (a continuation of last night’s conversation, the topic of which was “When am I going to get my wife back?”)

Joel: What am I supposed to do? You hand me this jelly-bomb…

I remove the computer from his lap. He washes his hands and removes the visible food from his clothes. He returns, looking concerned.

Joel: Is there something special I need to do for my clothes? They’re in my Top 8 right now.

And he doesn’t even have MySpace.


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