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I’ll be sacked as the asparagus ambassador.

07.19.07 | 1 Comment

A few weeks back, I was checking out a few grocery items at the local Target. My dinner plans included asparagus (“the Cadillac of vegetables,” as my former roommate’s Dad calls it). This confounded the clerk.

“What is THIS?” She looked leerily at the green stalks.

“It’s asparagus,” I replied with a tone that suggests I approve of it myself, which is rather redundant, as I was buying the stuff.

“Igchk. What’s it taste like? I don’t eat nothin’ I ain’t never heard of.* It’s like my sister. She always be cookin’ with weird stuff.” She searched her vegetable code pages for asparagus.

“Well, actually, it’s kind of hard to describe – I like it anyway – not everyone does. It’s its own taste for sure. And it turns your pee bright yellow-green. I think it’s good for you – you should try it sometime! It’s good raw or cooked any number of ways…” Horrified at my honesty, I became aware of other customers, and I realized I had just said the word “pee” rather loudly in public. And, if I’m trying to recruit someone to eat asparagus, why on earth would I mention that aspect? Logorrhea is such an embarrassing affliction.

*Does that mean she eats it or not?

1 Comment

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