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Teething and weaning, or perhaps not

02.11.08 | 4 Comments

In the throes of teething yet again, our wee one has been chomping everything in sight, to include her milk dispensing system, causing her mother great discomfort. Besides the biting, she scoffed at breastmilk in whatever way it presented itself, including in a sippy cup and in oatmeal. Just when I thought we were saying a painful farewell to our oh-so-close-to-one-year of nursing, last night and today, once she was sleepy enough, she latched on calmly and didn’t bite. Bless the baby.

I know we can’t nurse forever, and I will miss it. But it is good for both of us that she is becoming more independent.

Speaking of time passing and babies growing up, I am dumbstruck that Zoe is turning one this week. How exactly has that happened? There was a request to view the invitation I made. I’m embarrassed that it caused me so much consternation; as I mentioned, we’re just having the grandparents and aunts to keep it low key, and as you can see below, it’s nothing too complicated. It was the principal of the thing.

Zoe's First Birthday Invitation

(I smudged my number for privacy on the web in general. And I used SEASHORE, not the gimp, to do it. HA.)


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