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Two memories that made me laugh

02.29.08 | 2 Comments

To any readers but my sister: forgive or ignore this one. 😀

The first memory came about while making my midnight snack (which tonight is dessert for “second dinner” – how Joel and I eat so much/often and are not tubs of lard is a subject which should be studied). As I placed a ramekin in the microwave, I thought of a tweet for twitter* and blurted, “I have the perfect tweet for twitter!” I took off running toward my computer and was immediately reminded of a scene from our childhood. Amanda and I would put something to warm in the microwave and take off running in circles around the kitchen island, I suppose as a way to burn off calories. It was way fun.

Secondly. A common snack for the patients where I work is graham crackers and peanut butter. I have always liked this combination, and being around it all the time is starting to cause intense cravings for peanut butter. And I always crave chocolate. As such, Reese’s items are a staple in our home. I have Kroger’s version of the Reese’s cereal so I can curb cravings for chocolate and peanut butter without eating an entire bag of chocolate chips and tub of peanut butter. Tonight my snack was a small spoon of peanut butter with a few chocolate chips melted in the microwave, as I did not want the corn product found in the cereal because I think that corn gives me corn belly and inflames my system. Call me crazy, but it does. None of this is either here or there.

The point is that I thought of the cereal as an option, and in thinking of Amanda while running as the microwave was on, I was reminded that one morning I woke her up, very excited about the Reese’s cereal, by saying, “WOO WOO!!! PEANUT BUTTER!”

*twitter was down (GRRRRR), and this is kind of the last straw, so twitter is now somewhere between on notice and dead to me. But my tweet was going to be: Very little damage can be done within the confines of a ramekin.


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