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03.02.08 | 5 Comments

Eight and one half hours after Zoe awakened today, and after no nap, she is fighting sleep. Fighting with all her might. Screaming, crying, hyperventilating, biting collar bones, tossing pacifiers fighting sleep. Having a child = the worst idea EVER. A close second to that is expecting a newly bipedal child to be relatively still and quiet all day.

She is teething; it’s true. I slather Orajel on her gums, give her Hyland’s tabs, and hand her off to her Daddy while I go to the car to get one of her preferred Nuks*. Thirty seconds later I return, and she is asleep.

Why, oh why, does she not sleep around me? I am exhausted. I will never be the same. And some variation on every woeful thought that every mother has from time to time.

Enough wallowing.

*I am going to purchase 10 to 12 more Nuks (latex, not the silicone – she spits them out) so we can have one within arm’s reach at all times. I’m tired of searching the apartment with a fussy child on my hip. UPDATE: Daddy Joel bought four new ones on a guys’ trip to Wal*Mart, which I think is very sweet and funny.


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