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A much better day

03.11.08 | 1 Comment

Yesterday was a bit trying. It would be accurate to say that I reached a breaking point on several fronts, and I had to call for reinforcements. I am SO lucky to have family here. What will we do in Houston?

In contrast, today seems like floating through heaven on a cloud. Zoe slept all night in her crib and woke up pleasant. We had a little breakfast and playtime, and she went down for a nap. A NAP, y’all. Joel and I were able to sit down and talk and make plans to help avoid days like yesterday.

Zoe and I quickly got ready and headed to NorthPark to pick up my good-as-new MacBook. We were expecting to pay a hefty sum, agreed-upon when Joel dropped off the computer last week. Zoe had the credit card in hand, ready to swipe, when the Genius (that’s his title, for real) said, “Nothing due. All taken care of.” Blink. What? Are you sure? “Yep. There was water damage, but it’s all covered. No charges. Let me make sure.” He conferred with two other Geniuses; yes, they all agreed, I owed nothing. How on earth I walked out of there not paying a dime after the kind of damage my computer suffered is anyone’s guess.

As we had missed our regular lunch time to watch the ducks and turtles and stroll NorthPark, and since Joel loves it, we ventured up to Jamba Juice before we went home. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for what happened next.

Zoe drinks her Jamba

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day, and after another short nap, we played at the Firewheel playground for awhile. Currently Zoe is fighting sleep again, but I wouldn’t take a thing for this day.

Also, Happy Birthday to my Aunt Sylvia!

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