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Welcome Weekend

03.31.08 | 1 Comment

We all survived the weekend separation! Zoe had such a great time with her grandparents and aunts that she didn’t seem too happy to see us when we picked her up last night. She cried when we took her home. I was expecting a warmer reception, but such is life; I would rather have it this way than have her stressed when we leave.

With respect to nursing, I will say that I managed, but it was uncomfortable. As I have said before, the pump is a poor substitute for Zoe’s suckle. She remembers how, fortunately, and I’m back to my old flat self. 😉

Now for the weekend: we stayed SO BUSY! The trip down was smooth and short, and we arrived before traffic got heavy. We ate at Amazon Grill with about 30 of my future classmates – I had been there before with my friend, Jennifer, and it was just as tasty as I remembered. I think our class will be a fun group.

Saturday morning Joel and I searched for housing, and in the afternoon we went to the BBQ bash at the UT Houston Rec Center. There we met more of my classmates and got some good advice about what to expect in the next year. After that we met with our realtor to look at more places to live. By the time we ate dinner and got back to the hotel, we were physically and mentally destroyed, so we vegged and crashed.

Sunday morning we attended the wrap-up of the welcome weekend with a brunch at the medical school, where we got more advice and met more people. Of the 232 entering students, 110 went this weekend, and I’m glad to get a feel for my compatriots for the next 4 10 30+ years.

The housing debate and search continues…

BIG thanks to our families for helping out this weekend. Zoe had a wonderful time, and it’s great to know that she is okay perfectly happy without us.

1 Comment

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