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It had to be just so…

04.22.08 | 7 Comments

Recently Joel bought a couple more Moleskine products. One is for jotting down work ideas and planning, and the other is for writing a journal to Zoe, which I think is incredibly sweet. Even better than the sentiment is that he is actually writing to her, mostly about their activities and time spent together on a day to day basis. Some day Zoe will appreciate this as a priceless treasure.

Anyone who has had a journal before probably knows the dilemmas faced when beginning them, especially if one happens to be a little bit OCDP. Do you write on the first page? What is the first entry? How do you handle errors? And what if the journal should become lost – how will it find its way back to you? Sometimes contemplating the answers to such pressing questions prohibits journaling altogether, as has been the case with both of us in the past. So let me say that I am proud of Joel for having figured it out and for doing this very special thing for his daughter.

But it is very, very funny to me how he handled the contact information conundrum. He asked me what details should be included, and we decided that a web and/or email address would probably suffice; phone numbers are too unreliable given our pending move and our dislike of phones in general. That’s all that was said.

Then today I found a paper while tidying up that speaks to my husband’s true crazy. All over both sides of a white sheet of paper, in all different directions, were various combinations of the information we had discussed. Joel had practiced writing his contact information no fewer than seven times. He had even created new email addresses specifically for the purpose of being contacted should his journal ever be lost and then found.

There really shouldn’t be any shame in mental illness. I mean, we’re all crazy here. And truth be told, I admire his dedication to getting it right. He’s correct: as he told me when I confronted him with the paper, you only get one chance to write your contact information in a journal.


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