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The perfect storm

04.25.08 | Comment?

After an uneventful night, Zoe woke up earlier than I expected she would (although of course she did – we didn’t need to be up – that’s how it works). Though she was still tired, she fought and fought, and eventually I grumpily got up with her. Grumpily being the operative word.

After half an episode of Sesame Street and no signs of going back to sleep, I started a shower to cleanse my gunked hair. Zoe had designs on a bath, however, so we took a bath. She ate a good breakfast (fed herself oatmeal with a spoon very neatly). For the next hour or so she whined and grunted nonstop, not really wanting to be held or be alone, sleepy but not sleeping, and generally playing the role of an amateur terrorist. Joel is dealing with Army stuff, so we’re trying to stay out of his irritable way.

So I was grouchy anyway. I thought we might make it to the store to get some cocoa powder to make these cookies. (How the hell I am out of cocoa powder is anyone’s guess.) The outing plus the baking was sure to cheer us up. I could take the goods to work later, I thought, since my baking attempt earlier in the week did not go as planned.

Then the office of our (hopefully, I guess) future residence called; they need more documents, the girl informs me rather hatefully. Telling myself it’s better than all the paperwork to buy a house, I bucked up and got everything together, including bothering my parents who are guarantors on the place (another long and stupid story). This was supposed to be easy – we will be renting from the same property management company, and I have a connection, but so far they have been a bit of a pita.

Continuing. My Mom was coming by to drop off a document, so I decided to take Zoe sandal shopping while we waited. We needed to get out of this apartment and clear our heads.

Things perked up from there: Zoe experienced her first BOGO event, getting a pair of pink tennies and white sandals with hearts, and on the way back, an adorable grandparently couple strolled with us, admiring Zoe and showering her with attention.

I received a call from work that I would be put on call for the shift, which normally frustrates me a little (especially when Zoe is tugging on my last nerve), but I was kind of relieved. There is a patient there who ruffled my feathers yesterday, and she won’t be leaving anytime soon. Apparently I have the same name as someone she dislikes intensely, and she can’t separate us in her mind. Normally I just shrug off the patients’ tenseness; they are ill, I’m there to help them, and it isn’t personal if they have a problem with me (or hasn’t been so far). I am professional, did not let on that she had ruffled my feathers, and will deal with it if I do go in today. But I would rather make cookies at this particular time.

WOW I am long-winded today. The point is that Zoe has gone down for a nap, it’s overcast outside, and my documents have been faxed; I think I might be able to take a nap myself, albeit brief after this post… And later, we might try those cookies.

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