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04.27.08 | 1 Comment

Friday I got called in to work after all. The cookies were postponed until just now. They’re something different and fun, kind of biscuity. I think I’ll add an egg next time, as I am not vegan and think that eggs are the world’s perfect food.

Switching subjects… One of the patients the other day mentioned that she has no interest in television. I admire that, but boy do I love it. To be as exhausted as I am, I spend way too much time watching instead of sleeping. Like Friday night. We stayed up 2 hours after Zoe went to sleep (which is actually about normal for us – I should just go to bed when she does, but I need a wee bit of no-baby time!) watching our shows.

Realizing that perhaps no one cares or will read it, this is my blog, so I will describe further. In no particular order, I like:

Thank goodness it has redeemed itself in my book. There have been stretches where I thought I couldn’t go on, but we had invested so much time already that I had to see it through and kept watching. I have trouble suspending disbelief, but the show keeps me guessing and thinking, and it’s entertaining.
30 Rock
HILARIOUS. Tina Fey is one of my heroes.
The Office
Also hilarious. So subtle.
Arrested Development
It plays on HDNet despite having been cancelled, and we own all three seasons on DVD. Best series ever to be made. Zoe was almost a Maeby.
The Simpsons
Love it or hate it, this show is impressive and part of our culture. I happen to love it. It’s a little less crude than Family Guy, which is why I like it better.
The Biggest Loser
Great for watching on DVR – I fast forward enough to cut the two-hour show into one hour. It’s inspirational because if people who are actually obese can lose like 40% of their body weight, it seems like I should be able to get off my dead ass once in awhile and do a little exercise and eat right, which I actually love when I do it.
America’s Next Top Model
Pure trash, but captivating. A guilty pleasure for which I absolutely loathe myself. Joel calls this show a cancer.
American Idol
I have a pop star inside me just dying to get out, so I live vicariously through these people. Music, dreams, and deliciously honest criticism from a hot Brit who obviously knows the business – what’s not to like?
So You Think You Can Dance
Same. I don’t watch this religiously, but I enjoy the performances and costumes.
Dancing with the Stars
Same. Dancing night only; I generally do not vote or watch the results shows.
I have been a fan since the beginning, and each stage of its growth has been good and worthwhile to me, like Zoe so far.
I started watching this show when it began when I was 14. I can’t stop now.
Grey’s Anatomy
I started watching this show on my parents’ recommendation and love it.
Boston Legal
Same. Gotta love Denny Crane.
Barefoot Contessa
I heart Ina Garten.
Good Eats
Educational, creative, and about food. Of course I like this show.
We were latecomers to this one. I added the DVDs to Netflix after reading about it on PITNB. I adore that it’s dark and wonderful. We cannot get enough of this show.
I show my nerdom with no shame here. I want to be the next Ken Jennings. There is just so much to learn! If you fast forward through the awful contestant interviews and throw imaginary poo at pompous Trebek when he becomes too smug, Jeopardy! is an event.
Sesame Street
I loved it as a child, and I love it again as a Mom. (I love Zoe and Zoe loves it, so by the transitive property I would love it, even if I didn’t.)
Mystery Diagnosis (and other Discovery Health shows, particularly ones involving Dr. Mehmet Oz)
Fascinating and good lessons for this future physician.
More depressing outcomes than not, but occasionally we’ll get a success story. I usually watch the beginning and their history, fast forward through their downward spiral, and catch the intervention and update. I’m even more interested now that I work with recovering addicts.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart is another of my heroes. This generation needs him and his writers.

I’ll have to pare down this list significantly once I start school again.

I could say more, but look at this mania. Now I need a nap.

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