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Sick, fat & happy, sleepy

05.14.08 | 1 Comment

It’s official: Zoe has her first illness that warrants medication. Sunday night was hellacious – she woke up so congested that she couldn’t breathe, and we had to hold her upright for her to be comfortable. She was burning up and pretty angry that the Nuk and the teat were not as fun given that she couldn’t breathe. None of us slept much. (The following night was heavenly; all of us were so tired that we slept like rocks.) Yesterday she continued to snot and sneeze quite a bit, and she seemed to be getting worse, even though it didn’t slow her down much or make her too fussy.

Today I decided to take her to the doctor, just in case; I also made an appointment for myself to deal with my allergies. I do love a twofer. Score one for family medicine!

She just has a cold. The doctor gave her a prescription for a decongestant so it doesn’t turn into something like an ear infection. I’m all stocked up on allergy meds, as I have been before. It was nice to have a couple of years where I didn’t have to take anything. But I came back to Dallas. This calls for another volume of my review. Stand by.

While we waited for the prescriptions, we tried out a restaurant about which we have been curious for awhile. Every time we go to the Sachse Wing Stop, we wonder about the Cafe Roma a few doors down. It was incredible. Zoe loved it. The pizza, the salad, the bread – Joel and I mostly ate in awed silence. White bread is a rare delicacy of sorts. It goes against nearly everything I believe and know about nutrition.* But it was ever so worth it. Oh and Monday evening I went with my friend Lisa to the Banana Leaf in Plano. Amazing Thai food.

Would you rather be fat and happy or thin and miserable? I’m on my way to fat and happy, and I love it.

Tonight so far Zoe is sleeping soundly. I’m headed that way myself. Thunderstorms in the forecast, too – good sleeping weather.

*For more on this, I suggest Mastering Cortisol by Marilyn Glenville. I look forward to seeing if my medical education confirms these principles.

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