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Another long rambling one…

05.17.08 | 2 Comments

Zoe is still a little on the sick side. Snotting continues, and she fights her decongestant as if it were hemlock, causing most surfaces to be crusted with the stuff (both snot and medicine). Her fuss to play ratio is roughly 80/20. My remaining handful of nerves are shot – ask Joel – I am more hostile than usual. The good news is that I’m only swallowing about a half gallon of mucus instead of the full gallon I was swallowing at the beginning of the week. So far I like Zyrtec pretty well.

A bit of good news for the allergy sufferer: our apartment has installed astroturf in the courtyard. That’s right. Astroturf.


Last week or so, there was a commotion down there for about a day and a half. The grass had started to look a little peaked, probably due to frequent dog visits. Workers dug about two feet deep and filled the area with large pebbles. Drainage – good show! That should help, I thought. They then covered the rocks with what from the second floor balcony looked like the greenest grass I had ever seen. I was impressed. Today we took Zoe for a little playtime in the courtyard (which was great, by the way, and I’m realizing this about nine months too late, since we’re moving in two weeks), and we inspected this awesome grass further. No wonder it is so nice. Joel commented that one would have to be a real asshole to leave dog poo on astroturf. One would. I agree.

Although it is technically Sunday, I would like to wish Katie a very happy birthday. We had a great time playing Wii and eating OTB and cake last night.

Today we managed to get some pre-move tasks accomplished, which is good, because the panic arrived about a week ago. Moving… sucks, as I believe I have probably expounded upon in writing and in speech about one thousand times. I’m sure everyone is tired of my whining. New adventures and places and people – I like all that. But the actual figuring out this worldly possession thing WITH A BABY is grossly unfun. Boo for moving away from friends and a job I have come to love.

However. I am looking forward to getting out of limbo and staying in one place for at least four years. We can have a routine, a real routine. With purpose. Have I mentioned that I’m going to medical school? 😉 I still can’t believe it. My heart flutters when I think about opening that email that said I was accepted and dancing around the room with Zoe.


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