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One fewer…

05.19.08 | 1 Comment

– Cat. Wanda and all her cat trappings went home with a new family tonight. We are sorry to see her go, but the people we met tonight are very nice, have a baby and another on the way and two dogs. Here’s to Wanda, one of the sweetest cats we ever knew. I’ll probably cry about it later when my drugs wear off. P.S. craigslist is awesome.

– Healthy appendage. Last night I ran into an open drawer; it hopped off its tracks and crashed into my right great toe. This was the most severe pain I have ever felt. It’s a closed fracture, and I will see a foot specialist soon. My first broken bone! For now I borrowed Ali‘s boot and am clomping everywhere I go.

– Nintendo GameCube. I sold it on eBay.

– Pair of Levi’s. Also sold on eBay.

We’re finding new homes for all kinds of things! I have someone coming tomorrow about a bunch of MCAT prep materials. We’re also looking for homes for a sofa bed, two chairs, a corner desk, a TV cart, and a headboard.

Also, my list tags aren’t working for some reason, so I have to look like I don’t know what I’m doing. >:| And if you read this when it was entitled “One less…” I apologize that you had to see such a glaring grammatical error.

1 Comment

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