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Mama/Roomba/bag fail

06.04.08 | 1 Comment

The past few mornings Zoe has decided to wake up very early (for her), much to my chagrin, since I have been staying up too late packing and then generally wasting time. Today was the same, and being the lazy mother I am, once it became apparent that she was absolutely done sleeping, I let her roam around while I caught a few more minutes. Mistake number two.

I heard Roomba come on (one of Zoe’s favorite things to do) and shrugged it off – the floors can always use extra cleaning. When Zoe came to get me, I got up rather grumbly. The living room seemed unsettling for some reason. What was it?

Stickiness. My absolute worst fear and most disdained pet peeve. I followed the stickiness and little puddles of what looked like fruit juice. The schleck schlack noise as I walked around looking for the source was too much to bear. Did Zoe spill something?

I arrived in the kitchen, revealing mistake number one: cleaning out the freezer yesterday and not taking the trash out immediately. It was way heavy, and with my gimp toe, I didn’t want to risk falling down the stairs with something so large. One would think that the 3 ml thick contractor bags (DEAD TO ME, btw) from Costco would be substantial enough to withstand overnight in the kitchen. Besides, I thought, nothing I threw away would be too heinous.

Roomba and Zoe had tracked the leaked contents of the contractor bag all over the floor. ALL over. Roomba was sticky. The baby was sticky. And the floors. Were inconsolably. Sticky.

At least it wasn’t meat juice. That probably would have undone me for good. It must have been all the little cubes of Zoe’s pureed fruit from the freezer, melted, haunting me for being so wasteful, which actually burns all the more because originally I meant to be frugal.

I do not mop – that’s the one thing I just hate about housekeeping. Even if I don’t get to the other stuff as often as I should, I don’t abhor them like mopping. I clean the floors, but down on them, with lots of towels and spray, or soap and water and a sponge. Mopping always seemed like such a waste – you’re just pushing the stuff around. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. But I hate it.

Anyway the floors probably needed a good scrubbing before we move out. Check.

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