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Better find a white sale

06.11.08 | 1 Comment

This is hopefully the last of the pre-written posts. We have been rabid little unpackers when the munchkin allows, and we have a few more boxes to go. There is much business to which we must attend; please be patient with us. I am so excited to be here and that much closer to starting my classes! And now, the pre-written post…

Joel gets heartburn. He’s an old man and takes prescription medication for it, but sometimes he still gets it. It’s awful and he now avoids situations that create it at all costs.

The big one

Usually we each have two pillows on the bed, mostly for reading before sleeping. When it’s time to sleep, I remove a pillow and just have the one. Until recently, he has done the same. Now he takes my spare pillow and sleeps on three in an effort to thwart the rising stomach acid.

The other night he had taken my pillow prematurely; when I got into bed, I wanted to read. I complained a little, but he kept the extra pillow. His advice: “If you’re jealous of my pillow stack, we need to buy more pillows.”

1 Comment

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