06.13.08 | 2 Comments

If I decided to use an expression here I probably should have explained it before now. Long time readers who are curious might be grateful that I have been asked enough now to clarify.

Ft is my sister, Amanda. I am also a Ft. Zoe probably will be a Ft some day, or maybe not, but for now she is a Mini Ft.

Ft comes from a sound that Kiddn makes (and really most cats are capable of making it), which is kind of like a sneeze, but also seems to express some unknown feline displeasure. She shakes her head a bit, rapidly, her whiskers kind of shiver, and the sound that comes out of her nose/mouth is, “Fffffft!” We think it is hilarious.

We started using the sound ourselves when something displeased or excited us, and it became something of a call between sisters. Then it became nicknames. And now, whole voice mails and almost entire emails can be communicated with little more than Fs and Ts.

So it’s silly and perhaps unclear even after explanation, but there it is. 🙂 My Mom still doesn’t really get it; she just accepts it as a quirk and knows what it means. That’s all we can ask of our friends and family – to appreciate our strangeness.


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