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Can’t say I missed it

06.18.08 | 6 Comments

This morning the whole family took a refreshing swim in our complex’s lagoon-like pool, followed by a nap for Zoe and some much-needed unpacking for Mama.

Later we explored a nearby park and ventured to the “Super” Wal*Mart. Turns out it wasn’t so super, as the smattering of groceries available was insufficient to complete my shopping. But we had a lovely, rather productive day. Most of the little thises and thats of moving into a new place were tended to by a parade of skilled workers sent by the leasing office, shortening Zoe’s nap a bit, which is why she naps again, which is why I am able to write this post.

The adjustment to Houston is going well, I would say. Clear Channel’s dominion comforts me in new places; all the radio stations are preset. TiVo is nestled into the armoire we gladly inherited from our friends (THANKS!). I like our place. I’m about to start what I’ve been waiting to do my whole life. I think we will be happy here.

The park left a little something to be desired, such that I will not call it “our park,” but for today it was great. Zoe enjoyed swinging, and I always love to watch her play.

While pushing her on the swing, I got a feeling I knew I had felt previously. When and where was it? Slowly it came to me. My first week in College Station. The moistness. The trickling. The oppressiveness.

Back sweat.

Welcome to Houston. Perhaps residency will take us somewhere cooler. 🙂

Side note: what to do for the approximately 144 square feet of “yard” we have? Yard – psh! It is woefully inadequate for our purposes as is. It could have potential I guess… We’re trying to make lemonade anyway. Our leanings are toward synthetic grass, but it’s pricey. Any other ideas? It needs to be appropriate for dogs and Zoe and very low maintenance, preferably something that doesn’t track in much mess, given my disdain for mopping. Pebbles? Mulch?


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