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Another munchkin update

07.03.08 | 1 Comment

We took Zoe for her belated 15 month checkup today. She is 21.5 pounds and 31.5 inches, with a head circumference of 18.5 inches. For some reason we thought her next checkup was at 18 months (that reason being that our Dallas pediatrician told us that would be the next one), though oddly enough she was sick on her 15 month birthday, so I had her at the family doctor, and I have a measurement of 30 inches for her height then. That’s some growth. Or they mismeasured. But I think she is definitely taller.

We caught her up on the shots (two today) and had to get her blood drawn to test for anemia and lead, which had they done at 12 months we would not have had to do, but since there was no record on file, it had to be done some time. Most.heartbreaking.thing.ever. Her least favorite part, seemingly, was being forced to sit still and not the actual venipuncture. She recovered shortly, and I like our new pediatrician.

Reading over this, I sound a little like a contestant for Worst Mother of the Year – I probably should be a little more on top of things, especially where her health is concerned.

Zoe enjoyed being the star of the party the past few days while her Nana, Gramps, and Aunts Jenna and Ali were here to visit. I believe the pictures on Flickr speak to our fun times. She is quite the little entertainer.

Tonight the busy day resulted in a early konk for the Zoepants. Perhaps we will watch a movie.

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