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In lieu of studying

08.03.08 | 2 Comments

The last week of the pre-entry program is upon us, including four exams. One – at least I – might have thought this weekend would be one of studying, with the occasional break for consumption or sleep.

While there certainly was studying, there was also fun. The whole week was rather extracurricular heavy, even though it was, as my classmate put it, a bit of a sh*tstorm academically. Tuesday was the Astro’s game, Wednesday was So You Think You Can Dance and the baking of carrot cake cookies, and Thursday was the pre-entry dinner at the Doctors Butler home, which is a very special experience for us new students. The weekend brought more studying (of course), New York Pizzeria pizza and Rock Band with new friends, and Rachel introduced us to lasagna rolls, which were SO GOOD. Mom made her delicious ice cream. All were happy and full-bellied. Tonight I actually ran the vacuum upstairs. I do love freshly vacuumed carpet.

I’m in for some hard core learning the next few days. I’d like to be more efficient and focused with my preparation; it still seems haphazard and overwhelming at times. But I’m not freaking out, and this gives me hope. Today we had a practice anatomy practical choreographed by the tutors (who I hope are compensated well for their incredible job). I got about half of them right, and I’m happy with that for now. I can learn the rest in the next few days… right?

Speaking of exponential learning, Zoe continues to expand her vocabulary. This morning she woke up (too early) and jabbered non stop for about an hour. When prompted she might provide the following:

  • What a lion says: Rawr!
  • What a cow says: Muuu
  • What a cat says: Mew or Mow
  • What a dog says: Woof! or Hrm hrm hrm! (whining)
  • Where her belly button, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hair, head, and toes are
  • What page Cookie Monster and his cookie jar are on
  • What color a banana is: yeh-wo

All of this is tragically adorable. She also takes her diapers to the trash, writes a Z on the white board (it looks like a Z to me anyway, and she says “Oh” after it, like she’s about to spell her name), and swiftly completes her wooden puzzles of colored fish and numbers (she has been doing that for about a month and a half).

If it sounds like I’m bragging, I kind of am, but it’s also that I haven’t been writing this down in her little journal, and I’d like to have some record of it while I’m thinking about it.

Can we still call her a baby? I think I might have to start tagging things about her with “Zoe” instead.


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