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08.26.08 | 2 Comments

I’m out of tokens for my complex’s shuttle, and on principle I refuse to get more. Its schedule is unpredictable, and my time is at a premium right now.

I rode the Metro bus yesterday with maximal success. Today, however, I had trouble getting out the gate on foot. Eventually I was able to wedge myself and my 50 pound bag through just in time to see the bus take off.

So I waited for awhile in the bus-waiting hut, noting when my complex shuttle came and went, when I was attacked by a swarm of mosquitos. I decided to walk the two blocks to the next stop instead of sitting there. I had just reached it when the next bus flew past me.

I ventured that a brisk morning walk down to the rail might be fun. I have wanted to check out the rail anyway.

Fortunately, about the time I decided my non-athletic shoes and the aforementioned heavy bag were making my walk decidedly moist and unpleasant, a bus stopped at the stop that coincided with my location. Here I sit.

I recall my experience yesterday, when I attempted to get my student discounted Q Card, which cuts my bus fare in half. I arrived at the appropriate office downtown two minutes too late and must return today.

These are the trials and tribulations of a girl raised in the suburbs trying to navigate public transportation.

My school is worth it. I love love LOVE my school.


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