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08.28.08 | Comment?

I did return to the Metro office, and I did obtain my student discounted Q Card. Now I ride the bus for a mere half dollar per ride, and for every 50 rides, I get five rides free. Huzzah.

I rode the rail to and from downtown before and after getting my card. Instead of getting off at the school and riding the bus home, I took it all the way down to Reliant. There I planned to walk from bus stop to bus stop until a bus came.

Well no bus came while I was walking. I had worn shoes inappropriate for walking more than a mile and began to get a blister, so I took them off and watched my steps. There was mud. I got squishy. It was kind of fantastic. Joel met me on the sidewalk a few blocks from our place, tennis shoes and socks in hand, to spare me additional foot harm.

Yesterday I had my check-up ultrasounds (would be a CT if I weren’t STILL nursing), blood work, and chest x-rays. For the ultrasounds I had to fast through lunch, which really was not a big deal, but since I snack all day long I complained more than I probably should have, and then there was free Chik-Fil-A and brownies available, the regrettable refusal of which felt like a cardinal sin.

Everything went fine; I expect to have results soon and will share them here, if for no other reason than to have a record later. I find that the things that are so important one minute are easily forgotten by the next appointment. I would like to reiterate, also for the record, that MD Anderson is a fantastically impressive monstrosity. Walking there from the school put a very fine point on that – I felt so small, but in a good way, like I will be protected by this huge, powerful thing. Who knows what will happen along the way, but I would love to be a part of that caring force some day.

Back to gross anatomy.

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