Multiplicity ideal

09.10.08 | 10 Comments

Lately I’m finding myself being spread a little thinly. This is to be expected, and I’m trying to take it in stride. Still, I tend to daydream about the endless possibilities that likely never will be. One of those daydreams? I really wish I could mitote myself, my whole being and body, several times over. Right now, their delegation would be as follows (and once again my unordered list function is not working properly in WordPress):

  • +One Mama Blake, available for most of Zoe’s whims, ready for cuddling and all aspects of child care and healthy development
  • +One Good Wife Blake, available for most of Joel’s whims
  • +One Loving Family Blake, who keeps up with all her loved ones and doesn’t miss birthdays and major milestones
  • +One Lean Mean Cleaning Machine Blake, who keeps the house, clothes, and all other Blakes spic and span and looking their best at all times. This Blake would also attend to mundane household matters such as bills.
  • +One Chef Blake, who does the grocery shopping and cooking of nutritious, gourmet meals and delectable taste treats for her family and friends
  • +Six Student Blakes, one for each class (biochem, devo, anatomy, clinical skills, histology) and one for the organization of material, who study constantly and honor every class
  • +Two to three Social Blakes, who attend meetings and volunteer activities, conduct all correspondence, and plan and attend activities which foster human relationships outside the nuclear family
  • +Two more (and these are largely whimsical, but what about this idea isn’t?): One Best Shape of Her Life Blake, who exercises and promotes all aspects of health, resulting in a rockin’ bod, and one Happy Fatty Blake, who lives the sloth life, eating, sleeping, and doing little else

At the end of each period of time, perhaps a week, all the Blakes would merge their collective experiences into a floating Super Blake, who could participate in whatever she chose to dabble at any particular time. Wouldn’t it be nice?

How ’bout it, science?


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