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Alive and studying

10.02.08 | 4 Comments

I apologize for my twelve-day absence. On the request of a couple of readers, I will add Blogging Blake to my list of Blakes when the multiplicity mission is accomplished. In the mean time, one can probably find the original Blake in one of two places: the lecture hall or an LRC study room.

Zoe’s Nana has graciously stepped in to help us with Miss Zoe while Gigi spends some quality time with Cap’n. (Gramps, you must miss her – she’s fantastic!) In true Mary Poppins fashion, she brought a bag of goodies for her stay with us. Included are magnet letters and numbers, several Hooked on Phonics cards, and lots of Play-Doh and accessories. Zoe is having a blast. Those things, coupled with going cold turkey from the Nuk, are having a pretty exponential effect on her language output. It’s way cute.

Tuesday I was playing Play-Doh with her (I must admit it that Play-Doh and Silly Putty are two of my most dearly loved media), and as it usually does, it gave me the urge to bite. You know, like chew. Who’s with me? It’s like when you’re kneading bread dough. You don’t actually want to bite it, but the urge is there. I was thinking that there must be some edible thing that has the same texture, and how great it would be if I could find that thing.

Well the very next day we had a master advisory meeting at school, a great mentoring opportunity during which lunch is provided. A brownie was involved. It would not be hyperbolic to say that it was just like eating Play-Doh, but in a wonderfully fantastic and chocolaty way.

I’m getting back into a more effective study pattern. In case it wasn’t clear before, much is required in medical school. I feel like the material in itself is not the most difficult part; it is the volume. By a long shot. I am SO grateful for my classmates who are keeping me on track and for all the help from our families. How many young Moms get this kind of help?! I know I’m lucky.

Going at warp speed finds me here into October. Amanda is coming for a visit and a football game in just a couple of weeks! I can hardly wait.

To the bed! I’m a very good kind of exhausted.


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