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10.15.08 | 1 Comment

I’m taking a short break from… outline synthesis, we’ll call it… This is my five minutes to whine publically.

I’m tired, I’m famished, and I’m totally frustrated. How can I spend so much time and have so little to show for it, both in understanding and in actual physical product?

Props to effective teachers. Props to them. More props to teachers than to students. Students – blah. Making yourself understand it is one thing. But to be responsible for someone else’s understanding? Beyond me. How to relay information – voluminous and complex information, in this case – in a relatable, memorable, time efficient yet solid fashion? This is quite a conundrum. (As the character on Zoe’s dearly loved show, Super Why, would say: Calling all super readers!)

I have a good study group, without which I would probably be huddled in a fetal position in a corner of the LRC. I want to give back instead of being the scrub in the group that occasionally pipes up with some random half-truth that’s more confusing than helpful.

I’m sleep deprived and achy from the lumbar down. On top of the mental and physical stamina required for school alone, I’m having trouble focusing and retaining information. The advice given to me by the school’s specialist in this area was to get a maid and this book. I got the book in the mail today. Question: when the hell am I supposed to read said book? I’m up to my ass in syllabi and Nettergrams. All of which are probably wasted on me until I at least skim the book for some helpful solutions.

It’s like tonight when I started my outline: computer was slow and I don’t know how to use Word anymore (for shame, but I’m more of a paper-and-multiple-colored-pens studier). Joel’s advice was to reboot and look for the answer to my question online. Like I have time for that! But I can’t do the outline without it. Sigh.

I’ll give it an honest go. I spend a lot of time in metacognition, trying to figure out why other people are getting it and I’m not – what are they doing that works and that I should be doing? I have my suspicions that I’m searching outward when I may need to do a little more introspection (is that even possible when you’re me?) and figure out what works for my nutjob brain in this situation.

Having said my peace, perhaps I can attack my outline anew… Tomorrow. Well, in the morning anyway. It’s late, and I need sleep.

1 Comment

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