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11.09.08 | 2 Comments

A long while ago I was tagged by my friend Kerri to tell six quirky things about me. I’m not sure what constitutes quirky. I’m pretty sure most things about me a quirky. Here we go.

1. My email has gotten out of control. Joel keeps referring me to Inbox Zero, to which I reply that I do not have time to watch such a thing. He says I don’t have time not to watch. He’s probably right. This is a symptom of the larger problem I have, which is quirky thing number one: even when something is rational and logical and obviously beneficial, sometimes I resist it like a fool.

2. I love variety, but only if I can have a little piece of every option. Otherwise, I only want one option, and I will be happy with that. Having to choose something among several very compelling options is excruciating to me. Example: an ice cream scoop shop. There aren’t many flavors I’ll turn down. (Unless it’s like gross airy ice cream, in which case I probably will pass.) And then the mix-ins. Think of all the possibilities! By choosing one, I’m not choosing like a hundred other combinations; how can I be sure I got the right one? I’m learning that there is more than one valid option, and I just have to be okay with my choice and enjoy it.

3. In the same vein, a buffet presents a new problem/opportunity. (You know, the Chinese have the same word for crisis as for opportunity. Crisitunity.*) For about the same price as a regular meal, you can have access to any number of meals. By the time you figure out what you like best, you’re already full, and there’s still the frozen yogurt with toppings, and it’s poor form (if not expressly prohibited) to take food home from a buffet. The point is that I love a buffet in theory, but in practice, convincing someone to share a combo dinner is probably a better option.

4. A quirk that does not involve food would be good right about now. Generally I do not like massages. That’s another thing that sounds fantastic in theory, but in practice, it kind of makes my skin crawl. My parents gifted me with a very nice professional massage while I was pregnant, and it did help my lower back.

5. I have a love/hate relationship with the dogs. When they were gone, I was teary and hopeless and wished I had them back every day. I could see the benefit to their absence, but (see quirk #1) there was a giant hole where their stupid faces should be. Now that they’re back, we make threats on their lives several times daily, and I’m pretty sure my blood pressure has risen ten or more points. The hair, the annoyance, the poo, the desperate need for attention, and the barking/whining/licking that composes the white noise of pets sometimes gets to me and I feel as if I will suffocate. But every once in awhile, I need to hug the oafs.

6. I am a compulsive Q-tip addict. I can’t stop. I know it’s wrong and that using them only makes the itching in my ears worse, but it feels so good. And how else am I supposed to get the fluid out of there? I can quit anytime; in fact, I have done so successfully several times. The trick is not to have any around. If there are any in the house, I’ll find them. Recently we had to buy some for some reason, and instead of the little travel pack, we got 500, and I’m back off the wagon.

No pressure, but the deal is I’m to tag six people.


*Credit Lisa and Homer Simpson


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