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In the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college, I went back to Garland and found work as a temp. I had a few good assignments, and I rather enjoyed my job. It was great pay for the effort.

One of my favorite assignments was at CapRock Communications. I’m not sure I ever could say with any certainty what it is that the company does, and for a time I think they were defunct, but don’t quote me. That’s the beauty of temp work: I really have no obligation to know what they do. My employer was Dicker Staffing, I followed the rules and worked earnestly wherever I was, and in general I think it was a symbiotic relationship for everyone involved.

My job was to answer phones. If you’ve ever seen Office Space (and if you haven’t, why not, and how do you face every day?) and noticed the girl answering the phones for corporate accounts payable, you know what I did. Instead of “CorporateaccountspayableNinaspeaking…JUST a MOH-ment!” I said, “CapRock Communications, how may I help you?” approximately 800 times per day. (At Eckerd I had time to say, “Thank you for calling Eckerd Pharmacy. This is Blake. How my I help you?”)

You might think this would be boring. It totally wasn’t. They required a break 10 minutes of every hour, and I always relieved someone doing some other job at lunch time. The economy was better then, and I was there to make life easier.

There was a lady in the room with me answering phones, too. She liked to listen to 107.5 The Oasis, Smooth Jazz. I’ve thought of Patricia often and I’m grateful that she introduced me to this station, though as sometimes happens in radio*, it has gone away. Still, every time I hear Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, anything Motown, I think of how I might have missed out big time without her influence.

I mean that is some great music. So many artists are sampling from or remaking it. And these kids today don’t even know.

*Remember when 94.5 was The Edge, and now it’s 102.1, which was Q102 before JackFM? And 94.9 was Y95? And 99.1 Z-Rock? And how 97.1 KEGL went away and now it’s back? And how now I live in Houston so I should probably stop following DFW stations?

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