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11.17.08 | Comment?

It occurred to me tonight watching Sesame Street online how similar SNL and shows of its ilk are to children’s shows. Plenty of variety, short segments, outlandish and improbable scenarios… No wonder they’re so entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, I had my check-up ultrasounds this morning. When the very nice tech had done her part, the radiologist came in and did a quick scan, turning the monitor toward me and pointing out all the basics. He encouraged a radiology elective later. It was quite awesome. As I have said before, I am very impressed with MD Anderson. It’s like a fairy tale land where absolutely everyone is a shining example of kindness.

My appointment was well-timed, even though I have no recollection of making the appointment. (And actually I only did the scans and bloodwork today; I had to reschedule the doctor part for a day when I don’t have class.) I left there and went to my anatomy clinical correlate: obstetrics. What I caught of it was quite interesting, and he talked about ovarian cancer. He said there have been no advancements in the detection of it since the pelvic exam, and that if you get a diagnosis of metastatic ovarian cancer, you better get your affairs in order. Mine wasn’t metastatic, of course, but I did get the heebies.

At lunch time a nephrologist spoke at our internal medicine meeting. If I were in this to make an ass-ton of money, I’d have my specialty all lined up, from what he said anyway. In the afternoon I practiced the abdominal exam with a standardized patient. That’s always fun and very helpful.

I came home a little earlier than usual these days to a sweet and happy Zoe and a tasty crock pot roast by Julie. As far as I know Zoe didn’t fuss all evening.

Tonight I’m feeling quite lucky and grateful. That’s a good mood to be in before reading a few lectures and tucking in to bed.

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