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I could learn a lot from Zoe…

12.27.08 | 1 Comment

One of my many favorite things about Zoe right now is her expressiveness. She is talking so much and showing more of her personality at every turn. She seems to feel things intensely but doesn’t hang on too long.

Her manners impress me. We have mini conversations all day, and I love it. Though her toddler tantrums are a little more ridiculous and frequent than I would like, if you take a step back, they’re kind of hysterical. And she’s a bit of a ham: shy with strangers, but after a warm-up period, she’s a one-girl show.

The poor dear has been quite ill lately. When she coughs or sneezes, she updates us with an “I’m fine!”, blesses others after sneezing, and asks, “Are you okay?” when she hears a cough. When we tell her we’re okay, she says, “Good!” What a considerate little girl.

We’re all three in the A (Hotlanta, Atlanta, if you like) with the A (Amanda) and having a fantastic time. I like the vibe here, and of course I always love spending time with my sister. Her place is nice; she’s so adult and put-together.

Somehow the Winnie the Pooh DVD has been misplaced, so we’re a little peeved at the Barney songs swimming in our heads. I could never tire of Pooh, and even the Care Bears take awhile to get to me, but about the 95th time around one’s patience begins to fray. Tonight for a change we made a Pandora station based on Madonna and had a dance party. Zoe boogied on the table. She is awesome.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the World of Coke and meet some of Amanda’s friends. I am really loving my break. These two girls are reminding me to be in the moment and enjoy life.

1 Comment

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