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06.09.09 | 2 Comments

Friday night I showed up on Amanda’s doorstep, and if she wasn’t surprised, she fooled me – I loved seeing her face and watching her jump up and down and squeal.

After our hellos we decided to go in search of dinner. We walked to Vortex to split the Double Coronary burger – a ridiculous gastronomic item but an Atlanta legend, and it was her last weekend there, so we had to try it. (Not to mention that I’m bordering obesity at the moment, and one must maintain one’s bulk somehow. Project Skinnify officially begins today.) My skin still burns from the glare I got when I suggested in the waitress’s presence that maybe we could get turkey instead of beef. Apparently this is blasphemy. So we ordered it as-is. Basically it’s a nice-sized cheeseburger with grilled cheeses where the bun should be, bacon, two fried eggs, and the usual vegetable fixins. We removed the approximately half pound of bacon since I don’t do pork and got sweet potato fries and plantains on the side. Later we rented He’s Just Not That Into You and did a little packing.

Saturday morning we went for a run through lovely Piedmont Park, ran some errands, did some shopping, and returned home to prepare for Amanda’s next surprise. Cameron had made reservations at a Brazilian steakhouse and a private karaoke room, and all her friends were waiting for her there. After a tasty dinner we belted out song after song for six hours. (I was in heaven. Nothing feeds my pop star fantasy like karaoke.) Amanda has some super nice friends who I know will miss her, and I’m lucky to have been included for her birthday and bon voyage celebration with them. Her work friends surprised her on Thursday, too! She is so loved.

Sunday was for running errands, a farewell trip to the World of Coke, and packing. All told she has 18 boxes and two suitcases of stuff. That’s it. She sold all her furniture and her car. This time next week she’ll be taking NYC by storm.

Normally after this much activity on so little sleep, I’d be running on fumes and/or caffeine. But getting to spend the time with her, I feel refreshed, whole, and excited, both for her and for the changes we’re making at home.

Now to cuddle my Zoe and settle into our new place!


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