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Sleep-deprived ramblings about sleep

07.12.09 | 2 Comments

I have come to the conclusion that Zoe just does not require the same amount of sleep as most other kids.

Here’s what happened last night. After a long, no-nap day, she went to sleep at 9:30 PM – very, very early by our standards. She woke up at 5 AM, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. What two-year-old can survive on such little sleep?

She has never been much of a predictable or regular napper. She has been known to sleep for several hours on occasion, and for a few weeks she might take a nap within the same window of time, but for the most part, sleep has always been an issue.

I have blamed myself, our schedule, my inability to set and stick with a routine, and my resistance to stop nursing or kick her out of our bed. I take responsibility for these things and recognize their contribution to our difficulty.

I’ve had family, friends, counselors, and doctors tell me just to “put her down at 8 PM.” It all sounds so simple. The idea would be for her to go down then, I get some studying done for the next two hours, and then go to sleep myself around 10 PM. Then I wake up around 6 AM, get more done or get ready and leave to get to school, and she wakes up around 8 AM and Joel takes her to school. Sounds awesome, right?

My kingdom (which isn’t much right now, sorry!) to the person who can do this in a meaningful way.

Because the girl only sleeps for 8 hours at the very most, usually with one wake-up sometime in there, usually about 6 hours after falling asleep. If I don’t fall asleep with Zoe at night, I stay up, on average, two additional hours. And I need to in order to get things done. Which means that I never get more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time, and very rarely will I get more than six hours total unless I go right to sleep when she does, which means I don’t get anything extra done. If I put her down at 8 PM, she’ll be up at 6 AM IF I’M LUCKY, and probably before that. When I’m not in school, who wants to get up just for the heck of it at 6 AM? I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with a toddler at that hour and for that long.

It’s all moot because I AM returning to school in a month. She’s in her school now, and they nap there. Well, she doesn’t. But that’s the idea.

Maybe she would nap, eventually, on that schedule. Maybe we should try it. Maybe we will. I’m working on something to put here in public as an accountability measure.


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